Commission Approves Treatment Center for Women


Approves Treatment Center for Women

TRAVERSE CITY – In May, the Traverse City Commission approved a special land use permit that will allow Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) to open a second residential care and treatment facility at 445 East State St.

Phoenix Hall will provide care for women in need of addiction services, according to ATS Director Christopher Hindbaugh.

He said the decision to reopen Phoenix as a women-only treatment facility comes from new research indicating significantly higher success rates for gender-specific models.

And with more women seeking treatment, the timing is right.

"Right now, we're running about a two-week wait," Hindbaugh said. "When folks call us, they're often in crisis, so by having this facility, we'll be able to get them in much quicker and get them services they need that much faster."

The home was renovated earlier this spring to create a more home-like atmosphere and to make minor improvements to the structure.

Dakoske-Phoenix ATS serves more than 250 men and women each year. Dakoske Hall, located on Eighth Street, is a fully-licensed treatment facility specializing in residential and outpatient detox services.

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