CONTINUING EDUCATION: Fresh programs and paint define University Center this fall

TRAVERSE CITY – The most noticeable change to the University Center in Traverse City in the last year is the expansion of their third floor to include 11 new classrooms and cutting edge technology.

Now, with the fall semester only days away, many of the universities are matching the new bricks and mortar with new programs and certificates.

“The expansion last April speaks of the direction we are going at the University Center,” said Marguerite Cotto, director. “The new classrooms are designed to support use of Internet-based technology and puts us in a better position to bring in new programs.”

One of the most exciting programs to come, according to Cotto, is Davenport University’s MBA program. The master’s of business administration is designed for working professionals looking to improve their skills for their current jobs, accelerate career advancement or delve deeper into business, health or technology areas (see story below).

Ferris State University is also bringing a new master’s program to Traverse City. The master’s in education degree works two-fold: Students can earn their secondary teaching certificate while completing their master’s, or they can gain subject matter competency in a master’s degree if they are already certified.

“It’s a way for people who already have a degree to earn their master’s and certificate at the same time,” Lynn Chrenka, FSU coordinator, said. The program requirements range from 28 to 39 credits.

To match the new technology now offered at the U.C., the University of Michigan is bringing new online courses to supplement their nursing program, according to Lorrie Jorgensen, coordinator.

Besides new degrees, cohorts are also changing with the fall colors. Central Michigan University is changing its bachelor of science in elementary education from cohort to open enrollment, increasing the number of students they can accommodate.

Likewise, Eastern Michigan University is adding a new cohort for their master’s in liberal studies to accommodate more students.

“We are looking for a second cohort to go through the program now,” coordinator Karen Cline said. “It’s a really flexible degree and can assist anyone in any field.”

Outside of the Traverse City area, other new programs are popping up. For starters, Davenport is launching a new program at its Gaylord campus–a Preparation for Certification program leading to the Cisco Certified Network Association designation. Students will learn to design, build and maintain computer networks.

Also at Gaylord, CMU is bringing a master’s of education technology. The Petoskey area will also host CMU’s master’s of arts in counseling cohort, which is already filled. BN