Economic climate won’t flatten Exit’s momentum

TRAVERSE CITY – The owners of Exit Realty Paramount in Traverse City are entering yet another new phase of growth.

Bob Rieck, Tia Rieck, and Craig Witt, the three owners of the real estate company, will move in July into one floor of a new 6,000 square-foot building, doubling their office space. It's a move Bob Rieck says they're ready for, even when many other companies are cutting back.

"Exit Realty has held its own through out the past couple of years. While other companies are struggling, we believe our unique business model is helping to keep business steady, and even increasing sales."

The new building at the corner of Eighth and Cass streets includes 25 individual offices and a training center, which Rieck believes is key in making sure agents are motivated when it comes to finding new clients.

The building is just a few blocks from their current location. Despite the relatively close move, the step is significant in that their office will serve as a business model for the other Exit Realty offices in the state.

"As the franchise holder to all 23 Exit Realty offices in the state, we are leading by example," Rieck said. "We hope to show others how a real estate business should be run, and help pass down wisdom to the current and future owners of Exit Realty offices."

Rieck hopes the investment will pay off, with other companies following the model, and more salespeople out in the field.

"We are already hiring more agents with plans of having at least 35 agents when we make the move," says Rieck.

Socks Construction developed the building, which Exit hopes to eventually own.

Exit is a corporate partner with Habitat for Humanity. It has donated more than $1 million to Habitat to date. BN