Fitness and physical therapy center opens at Copper Ridge

TRAVERSE CITY – A new fitness and physical therapy facility recently joined the Copper Ridge Marketplace. Fast Fitness + Accelerated Mobility Physical Therapy, owned by husband and wife physical therapists Rex and Jill Holden, offers several levels of fitness conditioning classes, as well as physical therapy to expedite the recovery of injuries, both neurological and physical.

The classes at FAST Fitness range from classes geared toward people with limited exercise experience all the way up to high intensity sport-specific training.

“The use of an unloading/unweighting system over a treadmill allows us to unload from 1 pound up to 100 pounds of weight off of the person that is exercising,” explains Rex. “We use this same technology to train athletes at speeds of up to 31 m.p.h.”

Only about 30 of these currently are being used in the United States. Rex and Jill project that within 10 years all of the college level and professional athletes will be training on equipment similar to what they’re using.

The programs at the 3,000 square-foot facility were developed by the Holdens, who have 24 years of combined experience as physical therapists and have extensive training in functional biomechanics for sports and rehabilitation.

Fast Fitness also employs Martha Videan, a certified fitness instructor, who has over 20 years of fitness and rehabilitation experience.

“We are dedicated to providing optimal training conditions to help our clients safely meet and exceed their fitness goals,” says Rex, who originally became interested in physical therapy after a skiing injury. “We also utilize the latest advances in training and conditioning and the time-tested traditional exercises to help non-injured as well as injured athletes to improve their functional mobility and ability.

“Jill and I have been very successful at returning our clients to sporting activities following joint replacement therapy,” continues Rex. “If all your therapy is on your back or sitting on a machine, then it’s not very functional. The therapy needs to eventually look and feel like function or you won’t be able to get to the next level of fitness.”

The Holdens chose the Copper Ridge location because of its proximity to the schools, adult assisted living centers and the new housing developments on the west side of town. BN