Honor State Bank improves online, mobile banking

Honor Bank is lanching a brand new website, mobile website and downloadable mobile banking app this month.

The website is being rebuilt from the ground up and will offer an improved user experience, with features like financial calculators and a customer inquirery system.

The mobile website will be optimized to allow smartphone users to interact with a streamlined version of the site designed specifically for their devices.

The mobile banking app will allow users to easily bank 24/7 via iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps.

"With the dramatic rise in smartphone usage, customers want to be able to interact with their bank using these new tools," says Norman Plumstead, First Vice President of Honor State Bank, who points out that from 2010 to 2011, online and mobile banking increased as the preferred method of banking by 24 percentage points.

TC-Based based companies are behind the project; Greenlight Marketing designed the look and feel of the site and BrightBridge Studios did the backend work.