Hybra Tech’s Latest Invention and Radio Partnership

TRAVERSE CITY – Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. has launched a new product: sound band, a wireless headset that employs surface-excitation sound production technology. Translation? The device is placed behind the ear – not inside or covering the ear, as earbuds andconventional headphones do. This design provides superior audio quality with crisp treble and resonant bass, all while allowing the wearer to remain aware of ambient sound in the immediate environment.

"The quality of the audio that sound band delivers has to be experienced to be truly appreciated," says Hybra Technology's Chief Financial Officer Ryan Wells. "The surface-excitation technology, audio compression algorithms and convenient hands-free design enable consumers to enjoy high-quality audio while maintaining an awareness of their surroundings. It's a winning combination that will fundamentally change the personal audio industry for both consumer and business applications."

Using proprietary Waves Maxx Audio technology initially developed for the film and gaming industries, sound band delivers a rich acoustical treatment of music, phone conversations and other recorded media while allowing for normal conversations to occur.

While this new technology is a perfect fit for music and mobile telephony, the company is targeting use of its product for gaming, museum tours, police and military communications, industrial settings and many other personal audio applications.

Shortly after launching the product, Hybra and Livio Radio, a Michigan-based manufacturer and developer of Internet radio products and services, announced a licensing partnership that would add Livio Connect into the sound band wireless headset. Livio Connect enables hardware to connect to and interact with multiple mobile phone applications on different mobile phone operating systems. Sound band will use the same technology to get apps wirelessly connected to and played through the hardware.

"Hybra Advance Technology makes innovative solutions for audio. It's cool to have our technology inside," says Jake Sigal, Livio Radio founder and CEO. "Safety is a big concern for me while mountain biking, and I'm looking forward to using sound band to listen to the Livio app while being able to hear oncoming traffic." BN