K C Air is up for business and pleasure

HARBOR SPRINGS – This past March, newly-formed K C Air, LLC, took to the sky, offering customers a pleasant one-and-a-half hour flight alternative to the grueling four to six hours it generally takes to drive from the Detroit area to the recreation opportunities and natural beauty of northern Michigan.

K C Air was issued an air carrier certificate in February. In March it began scheduled flights from Pontiac/Oakland County International Airport to northern Michigan–primarily Harbor Springs.

Based on passenger preference and, at times, weather conditions, K C Air can also fly passengers to Charlevoix, Mackinac Island, Traverse City and Pellston. It also offers customers on-demand charter flights.

Scheduled flights leave the Oakland County International Airport Thursday evening and Friday evening, returning Sunday evening and Monday morning. Departure times vary, as the first passenger to book the flight can set the departure time. K C Air also offers great flexibility in helping passengers reach their preferred destination.

According to Bob Clark, Director of Operations, “if we have nine passengers and two want to go to Traverse City, two want to go to Charlevoix and the rest to Harbor Springs, we do our best to accommodate them.”

Initially, the company primarily flew passengers from downstate to their weekend cottages in northern Michigan, Clark said. Now, about 30 percent of K C Air’s passengers fly for business purposes and 70 percent come north for R & R.

K C Air currently has two new Cessna Grand Caravan jet-prop aircraft. Because the Cessna has a jet engine-driven propeller, as opposed to a standard propeller, the plane is quieter than most small, private planes. The Cessna is also known for its sturdiness and strength.

Each plane holds nine passengers with a single row of seats on each side of the aircraft. There is plenty of leg-room and a window view for each passenger. The cargo area beneath the cabin area is expansive, so all manner of luggage, golf clubs, ski equipment and fly fishing gear can be easily transported.

Even though the company is less than five months old, K C Air is already looking to add a third aircraft to its fleet, as well as possibly add a Chicago flight to the schedule.

Currently, fares are $225/person on northbound trips with a one-way fare at $140. Southbound trips are $140/person with a one-way ticket at $80.

Because K C Air is such a new service, they have limited affiliations with local travel agents. Passengers interested in booking a flight can call the company direct on their toll free number, (877) 522-9544.

For more information on K C Air, go to www.kccharter.com. BIZNEWS