Letters to the Editor…

Small county, major growth

I really enjoyed reading the article by Dani Horvath regarding Benzie County’s updated master plan that was contained in your April issue of The Business News.

As she pointed out, we are facing a lot of growth pressures in what is one of the smallest counties in Michigan. It was so nice of you to point out to your readers the fine efforts many of our local citizens have made to update our master plan.

All of us who live in the area know development will occur, we just want to see it happen in a thoughtful way. I think the efforts of the Citizens for Positive Planning and the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Benzie County Planning Department have really helped out in providing a grassroots vision of the future of Benzie County.

Quality of life is what all of us looked for when we moved to this area. We very much appreciate your bringing the idea of comprehensive master planning to all of us in the business community so we can consider these factors as we continue to grow and develop.

Keep up the good work.

Jim MacInnes, President

Crystal Mountain Resort

From one editor to another

Thank you for the story in your March issue on my publication, Families First Monthly. I thought your writer did a wonderful job transferring our interview into the paper.

The service that The Business News brings to the area is important. I was impressed by your distribution; I found that many of the places where I went to do my initial sales calls had received a copy of your publication, and that the owner or manager had read the article.

It was that introduction that helped me launch this paper and I believe it helped me secure some advertising. I am pleased to see the results and I thank you for your professional contribution.

Laura Lee Pritchett, Editor

Families First Monthly

Chartwell well-done

I just wanted to compliment Sandra Bradshaw on her fine article in May’s edition of The Business News. It is very well written. She captured the feel of the Village at Chartwell. Thanks!

Joel R. Myler, member/manager

Chartwell Properties LLC

Coverage appreciated

My thanks to you and Jane Louise Boursaw for the great story on the front page–with a picture in color–on Grand Traverse Reels/Grand Traverse Container, our Best Small Business for 1999 in Region 2.

It was a pleasure to work with the company while doing the story and discussing the exhibit at our awards event in Lansing.

Jeanne Gerritsen, Director of Special Projects

Michigan Small Business Development

Center, Detroit