Prevo’s expands Bellaire store

BELLAIRE – Prevo’s Family Markets, the 10-store food chain headquartered in Traverse City, is continuing its steady growth with a major expansion and modification of its Bellaire store.

The store, formerly Dingman’s, was acquired in 1991. The last employee hired by Dingman’s, Carol Rhea, is now store director.

Improvements have been introduced since 1991, but the current expansion represents both a major upgrade and the introduction of new departments. Overall, the store has brighter lighting, new and lighter floor tiles throughout, wider aisles, and more open space. Customer rest rooms are now available at the front of the store near the new deli. Seven new, more efficient check-out counters replace the former five lanes.

The deli is designed to be particulary eye-appealing and now offers sit-down eating, either inside or outside. A salad bar is included in addition to the usual deli items. A new feature is the cheese “island” with an exceptionally wide variety of domestic and imported cheeses.

In the seafood department, a new feature is the frozen bulk sea food display which includes scallops, shrimp and a variety of fish. Customers can buy in any quantity–two shrimp or two dozen.

Everything about the store is designed to make the shopping experience as pleasant, and even enjoyable, as possible. Prevo’s apparently is determined to show the food shopper in the Bellaire area that there is no need to travel any further for wide variety and full service.

Harry and Ethel Prevo started it all in 1943 when they opened a food market on 8th Street in Traverse City, where Prevo’s still does business at a store that is much changed from that original one. Prevo’s is still very much a family organization. The grandson of Harry and Ethel, Dan Prevo, is President and CEO. Aaron Prevo, great-grandson of the founders, is Senior Director of Finance, Marketing and Administration.

In addition to Traverse City and Bellaire, the Prevo’s sign can also be seen on two stores in Grand Rapids, a store in Manistee, Frankfort, Cadillac and a recent addition in Coopersville.