U of M Nursing: Master’s program now available in TC

TRAVERSE CITY – With the availability of the RN-MS at NMC University Center, northern Michigan nurses may now enter the CUGSN (Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Studies in Nursing) without moving to Ann Arbor.

Students move seamlessly through the Traverse City RN-BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) courses and into the Nursing Business and Health Systems’ web-based master’s program.

The RN-MS allows students to count up to 15 graduate credits toward both the BSN and master’s degrees, helping to earn both degrees with fewer credits than if each degree is completed separately.

In order to acknowledge RN applicants’ successful completion of the basic nursing education, 45 credits will be awarded to each applicant toward the completion of the U of M BSN/MS program.

Applications are now being accepted for the Traverse City Fall 2006 program start. RN students are encouraged to apply before Feb. 1, 2006, for financial aid consideration. Final deadline for applications is July 1, 2006.

RN-BSN students enroll in 37 credit hours of nursing courses, held at the NMC University Center. BSN classes meet year-round with one or two classes per semester. Classes meet one day per week, with an additional day in second-year clinical courses. Most students complete the program in approximately two part-time years.

Consistently ranked among the top four nursing schools in the U.S., U of M nursing programs offer cutting-edge curriculum, person-to-person interaction with faculty and peers, a built-in support system, and a very marketable U of M degree.

Contact Lorrie Jorgenson at ljorgens@umich.edu or call 995-1781. BN