VDS will have stronger presence in Traverse City

TRAVERSE CITY – Two Grand Rapids natives with extensive telecommunications and financial experience are in the process of acquiring Voice Data Systems (VDS) from Feyen-Zylstra in Grand Rapids.

VDS has offices in Traverse City and Grand Rapids. The buy-out will be complete sometime this month.

The new partners are James Kress, who’ll become president, and Scott McLean, who’ll be the new CFO. They plan to give VDS a larger presence in Traverse City, where the majority of revenue is currently in structure cabling, according to Kress.

“We don’t have the people up there to push the voice side,” said Kress from Grand Rapids. “But we’re currently interviewing a handful of people to build up our voice unit.”

Feyen-Zylstra is one of the largest electrical contractors in Grand Rapids. Kress said Feyen-Zylstra recognized it didn’t have the technical know-how to grow the company in the direction it needed to go.

Kress said he and McLean saw tremendous potential for growth and new opportunity for existing employees at VDS, largely because of the staff’s expertise and talent.

“The benefits are new pro-active leadership, financial backing and focus on VDS’ core competencies,” Kress said.

The partners plan to take VDS outside of Michigan, as well.

“Part of the buy-out opens opportunities for new geographical markets for VDS,” he said. “Our plans are to expand in the Detroit, Ohio, and Indiana area territories.”

Nortel has recognized VDS as a premiere Authorized Distributor in Michigan and is interested in forming a partnership to expand in additional markets.

VDS offers such services as:

* PBX design, implementation, support and services

* Voice over Internet Protocol

* Voice mail/unified messaging

* Wireless applications

* Call centers

The local office is at 2969 Keystone Rd. To reach them, call (231) 486-8800 or log on to www.govds.com.BN