Village Press: Raising the Bar

TRAVERSE CITY – A new type of digital printing, which can add texture to a printed page, has hit Northern Michigan, thanks to Village Press

"Kodak presented us with a new capability they call Dimensional Printing. It delivers a third dimension," says Dave Moore, president of Village Press. The Kodak NexPress works by adding Dimensional Clear Dry Ink in a fifth imaging unit of the press. The dry ink creates a clear "raised" (or 3-D) effect on top of a page element, so, say, if you were printing an image of an orange, the image texture could replicate the texture of an orange skin. It is designed to enhance graphics, text or a full-color image.

"We conducted ahead-to-head test of the dimensional printing mailer versus traditional four-color, and our response rate increased [with the dimensional]," says Moore. After the test, Village Press purchased the new printer. Village Press creates and prints point-of-sale material for clients such as Sara Lee, Tyson Foods, Barilla pasta and Unilever. "We originally got into it to serve our food service customers," says Moore.

Moore claims the new press has an increased speed of their old press by 50 percent and bears lower consumable costs, though the additional cost for Dimensional Printing on 8 1/2" x11" paper is four to five cents per side of sheet. BN