All the Right Stuff: Local company launches computer/voice service support in the cloud

TRAVERSE CITY – Appia Communications recently unveiled RightOffice, a product that uses cloud computing to offer combined computer and voice services.

Developed with Virtual-Q, an on-demand computing vendor in Houston, RightOffice combines Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 with Voice over Internet Protocol (communications done via the Internet). It's target market? Business, says Matt Siemens, VP of Communications for the companies.

He says RightOffice makes it possible for businesses to reduce manpower/operating costs and capital, and to simplify their IT and telecommunications efforts.

"RightOffice frees IT staff from the drudgery of desktop support, enabling them to focus on what matters most to the bottom line," says Siemens.

A traditional office will have IT servers and call control on-site. RightOffice moves these functions to the cloud, securing data centers with multiple connections and to private networks and the Internet. "It is distributed in many locations both for speed of access and for security/disaster recovery," explains Siemens.

"If you use both Mac and PC, iPad or Droid phone, all devices will see the same desktop," says Siemens. He adds that there are slight differences because of the different browsers, but the content is the same. It's basically a virtual desktop – no matter what type of device you use, it'll be the same desktop. BN