An App? Or an Extension of Your Brain?

Evernote. Ever hear of it? It's a cloud-based, multi-platform application that can change your life. It can boost your functional productivity, take you to near paperless, make that much needed room in your brain.

Evernote works on a number of platforms. It can be downloaded to your computer, your browser, your tablet and your phone. Definitely download and install this ninja tool's desktop version. I have it active on my desktop anytime my computer is on.

On the most basic side, Evernote can help you store information in notes in the following formats: text, images, audio files, hyperlinks, MS office docs, Adobe docs, table, bullet list, etc. There is an attach feature that allows you to attach virtually any type of file.

Notes are arranged in EN Notebooks, kind of like files folders. Again, like file folders, your notebooks can be nested, renamed, deleted and rearranged. Notes can be assigned and reassigned to any one of the notebooks that you create. You can create "tags" for notes, which allows you to categorize and to search your notes more powerfully.

One of the best features of EN? Note and notebook sharing. You can share a note or notebook in a number of ways: via email, directly to social media or via a unique URL (web link). Each note or notebook is associated with a unique URL. This makes sharing wonderful, because you can message a note to someone and they can open it in their browser.

In addition, because each note/notebook is cloud-synced, any changes you make are accessible via that same URL, so no need to resend updated info. All notes/notebooks are private and secure unless you share via URL.

For the office, sharing a notebook means you and a coworker or multiple coworkers can share a notebook, access the same notes, collaborate to change content and you can do it all on the go.

Beyond these basic functions, there is so much more that Evernote is capable of. Take some time to cruise Evernote's Noteworthy Blog. There is great stuff in there for teachers, private investigators, planners and teams.

There is also the Evernote Trunk, where you can access a mind-boggling range of apps and hardware that integrate with EN. In addition, I highly recommend you opt for the upgrade to Evernote Premium, which will allow you unlimited storage capacity and access to premium features. Premium is more than worth the price. That said, you can get a good start with the free version. No matter which you choose, you'll be hooked.