Chateau Grand Traverse Invention Hits the Restaurant Market

TRAVERSE CITY – Emerald Wine System is officially available for purchase. The patent-pending computerized wine dispenser – developed by Ed O'Keefe Jr., founder of Chateau Grand Traverse winery, with Bob Kalik, long time wine industry counsel and former president of the American Vintners Association – is designed to revolutionize the economics of wine sales in establishments that sell wine by the glass.

How? The system relies on bag and pouch packaging, not bottles, which significantly reduces shipping and packaging costs (the latter by an estimated 85 percent), as well as the labor and waste associated with disposing of bottles and half-used product. Moving from glass bottles to bags or pouchesalso results in a55 percent smaller carbon footprint and 85 percent less landfill waste.

Best of all, says O'Keefe, the system is designed with an oxygen inhibiting vacuum pump, which ensures that the wines have consistent quality and taste from the first pour to the last – much longer than bottle-based dispensers currently available on the market.

Manufactured in Michigan, the system is available in four or eight spout configurations, meaning each system is able to contain up to four or eight cases, the equivalent of 48 or 96 bottles of wine.

There are two models of the Emerald Wine System on the market: a four-pour and eight-pour model,. The systems are designed with a touch screen that allows easy operation by wait staff or as a self-serve machine; pour sizes are fully programmable for service by the glass, the carafe, or bottle. Server overpours also are eliminated.

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