Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Each year, business owners invest their hard-earned dollars into marketing strategies that generate new customers and increase revenue. This investment is used toward both digital and traditional marketing plans with the same end goal in mind: to grow the business. It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the digital world, but with the correct guidance and resources, business owners can stay ahead of the game.

Digital Marketing: Why Is It Important to Keep Up With?

Your customers are constantly online, searching for products and services that provide a solution to their needs. The solution(s) your business provides needs to be projected in a way that makes sense, creates a sense of urgency, and gets the consumer to react. These solutions are delivered daily through digital platforms (ex: Google search), which consist of ever-growing changes. When it comes to these trends, staying in the loop is crucial for any successful business model.

Social Media

Wisely invest your budget. It’s generally not advisable to put “all your eggs in one basket.” It’s also not beneficial to have a broad, “shotgun approach” when it comes to social media. As the business owner, you need to choose the social media platforms whose style matches your business and ideal audience.

A strong social ad campaign will become a dominating marketing trend for 2017. Consistently posting on social media coupled with an optimized ad campaign gives business owners the best return on their investment because you’re reaching both current and potential customers. Over time, advertisers can choose expanded criteria to target the best, prospective buyers. Business owners are starting to shift their budgets, allocating for social media.

Content Marketing with a Personality

This strategic marketing approach is focused on creating and sharing valuable, relevant content to attract a defined audience and increase profitable engagement. Your content should be immersive, pull them into a discussion, and get them to act. Content marketing is what drives successful social media and digital advertising campaigns.

Time and energy should be put into creating content to build value and trust. These results help establish strong relationships between a business and its customers which produce sales, referrals, and a positive reputation.

Don’t just share content; share your personality! Audiences tend to engage more with a Facebook page that speaks directly to its customers with a personal touch instead of one that constantly sells. Business owners should follow the 80/20 rule, using 80% of your posts as valuable content and 20% as persuasive call to action. A great saying to remember is “talk WITH your audience, not to them.”

Mobile-Friendly Ready & Optimized

With “80% of Internet users owning a smartphone (Global Web Index),” having a mobile-friendly marketing strategy is a no-brainer. A mobile-friendly website, with search engine optimization (SEO), is going to be a requirement for 2017 marketing plans. When you search for your service on a smartphone, what is your placement on Google? Once the results of a user’s search are shown on their phone, an immediate decision is made based on what they first see. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to be found within the top search via mobile device. Being on the top of the results dually builds trust and keeps your competition on the back burner.

Users searching with their phones most likely have a Facebook account where they will check in, view your recent activity, and read customer reviews. It’s just as important to have your business found on social media as it is within Google search results.

Video Content

Your business website is already mobile-friendly and is found on social media. The next step is to create video content. Did you know that “…during 2017, 69% of all Internet traffic will consist of video content (Cisco)?” Millennials and smartphone users are increasingly receiving their information via video. Videos are entertaining, quick, and easy to share with others. Digital video is quickly becoming the new alternative for television, live news, and direct communication.

Continue to adapt to these evolving trends, and lead your business down the path to increased growth and profitability.


Author Brian Boyer is the co-owner and marketing specialist at LeadPlan Marketing, a full-service marketing and advertising agency located in Traverse City. More information can be found at or