EDITORIAL: Three years later, still going strong

Since launching The Business News in August of 1994, we’ve seen remarkable growth here at Media Wave LLC. When we first started out, we served the five-county Grand Traverse region, adding Wexford County in December of 1994. Emmet and Wexford counties were welcomed in 1995 and, last year, Otsego and Crawford counties came on board. All told, our paper directly reaches 12,000 businesses in northwest Michigan via the mail, and a countless number of businesses through our website at www.m-wave.com. We have subscribers from all over Michigan, and we can be found on newsstands throughout the area.

This month, as we celebrate our third anniversary, we want to take a moment to thank our advertisers (see complete listing page 35) for believing in our product as much as we do. Because of you, we’re able to provide business owners and managers and their employees with news they can actually use. We can also give several of those quietly successful small business owners a few moments in the spotlight.

With our targeted publication, we’re able to narrow in on what’s important to those directly involved with business–not every average Joe. This eliminates a lot of useless “whipped topping” and cold national news leftovers.

To further enhance our product, this month we will be going through an ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) audit. ABC is the first and largest circulation auditing organization in the world.

The four of us who produce (sell, write, edit, design) The Business News each month are proud of our publication. Many of you are probably familiar with our advertising director David Guba, but you may not know those who make it happen behind the scenes, like Darcy Bluhm, our editorial assistant/office manager, who happily handles a multitude of tasks, from writing articles, to answering phones, to taking photos, or Christine Wieland, our talented art director who gives the paper its distinct look and fluently speaks “computerese.”

At one point or another you may have talked to our publisher, Mike Dow, or to Elizabeth Sonnabend, who handles the advertising end of the Prime Time News & Observer, the other paper Media Wave publishes.

We may have our hands full here, but everyone gives more than what is asked of them. That includes our freelancers who, despite their hectic schedules, manage to turn out inspiring, accurate and interesting stories month after month.

We also want to thank our subscribers and readers for their support and feedback. Because of you we are constantly asking ourselves, “How can we do it better?”

As we head into our fourth year of business, we continue to seek your input. After all, this is your business newspaper. If you know of a successful business you feel should be highlighted–even if it’s your own–we’d love to hear about it.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this month’s focus on women in business. It’s usually our biggest section, as there are so many women we want to feature.

They’re not all business owners, though, since that would leave out those other intriguing women in business, like Sara Rusche’, the first female captain of the Tall Ship Malabar, or Marilyn Taylor, a stay-home mom turned author.

For those of you who aren’t mentioned in an article or in our two-page list of women business owners, we hope you see the section as benefiting all women in business throughout the region. Remember, we’ll do the same focus again next August, as we have since 1994.

If you have a story idea for next year’s women in business section, or any other ideas for articles, let me know at 929-7919 or e-mail me at biznews@traverse.com. Thank you!