Goodwill’s 2011 impact

We all know Goodwill does good for the planet and for northern Michigan; its process of selling and recycling used goods creates hundreds of jobs and revenues to support programs that help people overcome barriers to employment.

Through partnerships with businesses, like the Dell Reconnect program, it's able to divert used computers and computer equipment from our local landfills.

But did you know it sold over two million items through its salvage program last year, keeping 3,480,339 pounds of clothing and other items out of landfills? Here's the breakdown:

– 561,968 pounds of computers

– 201,826 pounds of metal

– 7,200 pounds of cardboard

– 30,690 pounds of purses/belts

– 123,476 pounds of shoes

– 293,621 pounds of books

– 2,259,672 pounds of textiles/clothing

– 1,886 pounds of other