HEALTH CARE: Machine helps tailor doses of anesthesia

GAYLORD – Otsego Memorial Hospital has installed a new patient monitoring system which enables anesthesia providers to deliver a more precise amount of anesthesia throughout surgery.

The Bispectral IndexTM (BIS) monitor assists anesthesia providers in administering a tailored dose of anesthesia to meet each person’s needs throughout surgery. Needs may vary widely based on such factors as age, weight, and medical history.

With the BIS monitor, anesthesia providers can continuously assess a patient’s level of consciousness throughout surgery and make fine-tuned adjustments to the types and quantities of anesthetic drugs administered, depending on each individual’s needs.

With this technology, most patients realize fewer post-operative side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, and faster, more predictable recovery after surgery.

A non-invasive sensor is placed on the patient’s forehead to continuously monitor brain waves.

“Traditionally, we have relied on indirect signs–such as heart rate and blood pressure–and clinical experience to determine the appropriate amount of anesthesia for each patient,” said John Novosad, M.D., anesthesiologist at OMH. “With the BIS monitor, we now directly monitor a patients’ level of consciousness during surgery.” BN