Hybra Advance Technology: Crafting Cooler LEDs

TRAVERSE CITY – When Hybra Advance Technology (hybratech.com) ventured into popular LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting devices, it found the lamps were better off being cool. So cool, in fact, the company claims it can quadruple the life of LEDs-as well as lower power consumption and improve lighting–by applying something called Heat Spreader technology.

Hybra is a Traverse City product design company owned by Joseph Thiel and Ryan Wells. Last year, the company was named a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 Best of Innovation winner for its ORB – a wireless phone headset that folds into a wearable ring.

This year, the company hopes to repeat its success with Heat Spreader.

Here's how it works: The Heat Spreader moves excess heat away from the individual diodes that compose an LED. At the point where a diode connects to its base, heat is routed to the Heat Spreader chamber. Once there, heat enters a wick suspended in liquid and turns to vapor. After the vapor inside the Heat Spreader chamber condenses to liquid, it restarts a new heat transfer cycle.

Large fixtures using Heat Spreader are rated for 100,000 hours while retaining 93-percent lumen output throughout the five-year warranty period.

Hybra's lighting applications range from indoor retail and warehouse illumination to outdoor security and street lighting. The company also manufactures LED retrofit kits for fluorescent fixtures.

Timothy Burden, President of CooLED Inc. (cooledinc.com), a company with offices in TC and Ft. Lauderdale, is bringing Hybra's applications to the marketplace.

"Ryan Wells and Joe Thiel are the inventors and idea guys, and we are their business partners on the delivery side," says Burden. "It's been fun for us – the gray hairs – aligning with the 30-somethings and creating a synergy for a dynamic business model." BN