402 MAIN STREET LLC, 4424 1st Street South, Arlington, VA, Andrew Joseph Smith, Erin Elizabeth Currier

ADVANTAGE TURF SOLUTIONS, 1720 Harris Rd, Beulah, Jason Stuart, Paul Emling

ART IS FOR ANYONE, 4757 Scenic Hwy, Arcadia, Aime Merizon

BETSIE BAY HOUSE, 58272, River Manor Blvd, Elkhart, IN, Vicki Lints

BOOBER THE FUN GUY, 23429 Faylor Road, Copemish, Robert A. Catalano

BOSS HOSS HOME REPAIR, 275 5th Ave, Manistee, Chris Betsko

DAIRY KING, 1123 Higgins Road, Benzonia, Janie Erlewien

EMERALD GLEN OF BENZIE CONDO ASSOCIATION, PO Box 596, Benzonia, Gerald Servidio, Sue Kennedy

FANTAIL TRANSPORTATION & CARRIAGE CO, 4700 Wallaker Rd, Benzonia, Robert Craig Fitzhugh

FOCUS GALLERY, 4424 1st Street South, Arlington, VA, Andrew Joseph Smith

FRANKFORT MICHIGAN VACATION RENTALS, 58272 River Manor Blvd, Elkhart, IN, Vicki Lints

JL HANDYMAN SERVICE, 1835 Apartment Dr, #204, TC, Joseph R. Locicero Jr.

LARRY’S PAINTING, 18617 West Cleon Street, Copemish, Lawrence A. Bishop

MEDICINE WOMEN GATHER.NET, 10487 Covey Rd, Honor, Cindra Moore

R & M CONTRACTING SERVICES, 17066 Keillor Road, Bear Lake, Randy Reed

SCOTT KELLIE SEALCOATING, 13231 Cinder Road, Beulah, Scott Michael Shaver

SUNNY SHORES RENTAL, 20 Lawson Avenue, Pittsburg, PA, Sandy Burns

TRUE COLORS HANDYMAN SERVICES, 2015 Heniser Road, TC, Dale Abfalter



BODY EXOTICS, 6649 Boone Road, TC, Julie Macgregor-Weber


TC PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, 3843 Vale Dr, TC, Trent Kasper

CURRENT ELECTRIC, 5880 Old Maple Trail, Grawn, Christopher Haner

PINE RIDGE RESORT, 5702 Pinecone Road, Interlochen, Linda Steele

VALENTINE’S DAY-CARE, 3801 Brook Dr, TC, Lesley Valentine

MANITOU CREATIONS, 2034 Boardman Plains Rd E, TC, David Hoyt

GOURLAY INTELLECTUAL, 2628 Ra Wa Si Avenue, TC, Anthony Gourlay

BARBARIAN BUILDING & REMODELING, 4222 Norton Rd, Grawn, Robby Meredith

ALLEGHENY EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS, LLP, 4075 Copper Ridge Dr, TC, Derik King MD, Rade Vukmir MD

BAY AREA DRYWALL, 2878 Boardman Lake Dr, TC, Brandon Beaudrie

ALPERS ASPHALT MAINTENANCE, 3242 M37 S, TC, Stephen Alpers, Daniel Recker

ANDERSON-GORDON ASSOCIATES, 3904 Cherry Hills Place, TC, Katherine Anderson

THOMPSON YACHT FINISH, 2190 Sadie Ln, Grawn, William Thompson

CHRISSY’S FARM MARKET, 7846 US Highway 31 South, Grawn, Christine Beeman

COMPETITIVE EDGE FITNESS, 1301 S Union St, TC, Norman Leflore, Ayla Detroyer

CAKE FITNESS, 2500 M137, Interlochen, Karen McLain

TWIN CLEANINGS, 3082 Prouty Road, TC, Angela Szabo

CLEAR CHOICE, 1889 Pinewood Ave, TC, Derek Geisser

KINDRED SPIRITS, 1041 Bayside Drive, TC, Svea Wikstrand

KINDRED SPIRITS HOMETOWN CHAPEL, 1041 Bayside Drive, TC, Svea Wikstrand

SMIDDY SERVICE’S, 3933 Gaddi Dr, TC, Daniel Smiddy

WEBER’S PAINTING. 6649 Boone Rd, TC, Destin Weber

IAK’S PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 6489 Elk View Drive, Williamsburg, Ted Borysiak

STONE’S EXTERIORS. 9916 M 37, Buckley, Andrew Stone

RAY’S SCRAP METAL & RUBBISH REMOVAL, 9745 4th St, Interlochen, Raymond Philo

RAY’S SCRAP REMOVAL, 9745 4th Street, TC, Interlochen, Rayond Philo

CHRISTMASTIDE, 800 Cottageview Dr, Ste 40, TC, Kathryn Soma

JUST GRAPES, 2690 Holiday Rd, TC, Edward Ellul Sr

JUST EGGS, 2690 Holiday Rd, TC, Susanne Ellul

YAZZA ORGANICS, 4265 Vance Rd, TC, Dawn Draper

ARBORWORKS TREE CARE, 1007 Webster St, TC, Travis Cole

TECHNICAL AUTOMATION GROUP, 800 Cottageview Dr Ste 1042, PO Box 4027, TC, Stephen Morse, Tim Pulliam

ALPHA GLASS DESIGN, 5154 Gauthier Ln, TC, Philip Richter, Alese Scott

TC DELIVERY AND COURIER SERVICES, 607 S Union St, TC, Valerie Heffelbower

CLG SERVICES, 508 Second Street, TC, Chris Gatzke

VELOCITY SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, 5145 Hidden Glen Drive, Cameron VanHouzen

PAINTING & MORE, 3313 Mapel Street S, TC, Jane Bates

WCS INVESTMENTS, 4234 E Timberwood Drive, TC, William Schramm

KEN’S ENTERPRISES, 5370 Scofield Trail, Williamsburg, Kenneth Domagala

D’S INDUSTRIES, 2636 Breckenridge Dr, Kingsley, Mark Ditri

CMG ENTERPRISES, 4124 Pamala Lane, TC, Chadwick Gaylord

HAASE HOME INSPECTIONS, 750 Peninsula Trail, TC, Chad Haase

JJ’S LAWN CARE SOLUTIONS, 4725 East Duck Lake Road, Grawn, Jonathan Bechtel

MEMORABLE OCCASIONS TC, 635 Francis Dr, TC, Whittney Perreault

MISSION POINT PRESS, 254 Chandler Road, TC, Doug Weaver, Anne Stanton, Heather Shaw

MICHIGAN ARTISTS GALLERY, 317 A East Front St, TC, Sue Ann Round

GREEN DARNER GARDENS, 5110 Highland Dr, TC, Amanda Lennington

HUFF’S HANDYMAN SERVICE, 520 S. Garfield Ave, TC, William Huff

BETTER OFFICE SOLUTIONS, 4151 Harrand Rd, Kingsley, Lori Tulppo

SLEEPY BEAR PAJAMA COMPANY, 1341 E Duck Lake Rd, Christopher Liss

SEANS HOME AND LAWN SERVICES, 1588 Keystone Hill Dr, TC, Sean Kolarik

UTURE FOCUS MEDIA, 1420 Randolph St, TC, Paul Filan



A&S SERVICE, 2243 E. Kasben Road, Cedar, Martin Wilcox

ART BY LORI WILCOX, 2243 E. Kasben Road, Cedar, Lori Wilcox

BARDENHAGEN BERRIES, 7990 E. Horn Road, Lake Leelanau, Steven T. Bardenhagen

BRUCE C. LEE DDS, 12776 S. West Bay Shore Drive, TC, Bruce C. Lee DDS

CARLSON FARMS, 6715 N. Swede Road, Northport, Bruce A. Carlson, Sharon S. Carlson

CHATEAU AMORE, 6150 E. Amore Road, Lake Leelanau, Michele L. Uhaze, William F. Uhaze

CHERRY BEND CUNSTRUCTION, 12845 S. Regal Street, TC, Dustin T. Ogello

EMT PHOTOGRAPHIC, 8954 E. Hoxie Road, Cedar, Elizabeth M. Tiffany

FISHER FARM, 8130 S. Lake Leelanau Drive, TC, Janet L. Barker

FRANK KIESSEL CONSTRUCTION, 10898 E. Fort Road, Suttons Bay, Frank Kiessel

HOMESTEAD HILL CSA, 7990 E. Horn Road, Lake Leelanau, Steven T. Bardenhagen

HORNACEK CONSTRUCTION, 5627 E. Hoxie Road, Cedar, Stanley A. Hornacek Jr.

LAKEVIEW HANDYMAN SERVICES, 8625 S. Lakeview Road, TC, Phillip A. Haldaman

LITTLE FINGER, 10901 S. Kasben, Cedar, Christy Moore

LP LIFE, THE, 10901 S. Kasben, Cedar, Christy Moore

M&M CARPENTRY, 4833 S. Center Highway, Suttons Bay, Albert W. Mebert

MADE SIMPLE CONSULTING, 6000 E. Hoxie Road, Cedar, Josh Beechcraft

MORNINGWOOD DIMENSION LUMBER & TIMBER BUYERS, 7246 Stachnik Road, Maple City, Todd Stachnik

OPTIMUM SKILL SET, 9720 W. Carlson Road, Northport, Kenneth Mitchell

OUR PATCH OF HEAVEN FARM, 7211 E. Harry’s Road, TC, Amy L. Nagley

REINING-HORSES.COM 8521 S. Bohemian Road, Maple City, Peter Phinny

RICKY CHARLES HERMAN, 2000 S. Center Highway, PO Box 135, Suttons Bay, Ricky C. Herman

SARAH ELIZABETH COMPANY, 10151 S. Endres Hill Court, TC, Sarah Farley

SHIRLEY’S SALON, 3028 Sullivan Street, Cedar, Shirley I. Mikowski

SL2, 6042 S. Hill Creek Road, Maple City, Scott Lattimore

SLEEPING BEAR PET CARE, 8614 S. Elizabeth, Maple City, Nan L. VonMueller

TRAILSIDE FARMS, 9390 S. Lake Leelanau Drive, TC, Douglas E. Hohnke

UP NORTH SMALLMOUTH CHARTERS, 975 E. Bellinger Road, Cedar, Tony F. DeFilippo