Local authors report brisk sales

TRAVERSE CITY – "When Evil Came to Good Hart," written by Traverse City resident Mardi Link and published by the University of Michigan Press, was out one week when it went into its second printing.

It is the only non-fiction title detailing the 40-year investigation into the still-unsolved murder of the Robison family. July 22 marked the 40th anniversary of the discovery of the still mysterious crime.

The book is available in bookstores, including in Good Hart at Primitive Images; in Petoskey at Mclean & Eakin Booksellers and Horizon Books; in Traverse City at Horizon Books and Borders, and it is available on Amazon.

Link was recently written up in several publications, including the Detroit Free Press.

Individual sales are also brisk for "Mim's Map Guide to the Traverse Region" written by long-time area resident Mimi Bruder and her husband, Don Hunt. The free guide to the Traverse area includes 11 maps that locate more than 250 choice destinations, from restaurants and shops, to memorable vistas, hikes and scenic drives.

It was printed on sturdy water-resistant paper to be "handy for car use" and is available in local bookstores and shops or online at mimguides.com.

The full-color guide was printed by Village Press. Up-scale lodgings are buying them to give to VIP guests, the authors said.

In a sign of the times, early interest has been high in local businessman Mark Bonter's new book, "The GasFactor." Bonter, who co-owns Copy Central in Traverse City with his wife, Pam, is a printer-turned-publisher with his new guidebook designed to help drivers think twice before they get behind the wheel. He got the idea for the book after realizing a 25-mile round trip to make a $2.60 purchase cost him nearly $10 after factoring in the price of gas.

The book provides gas mileage estimates for hundreds of different vehicles and tables that calculate the cost per mile and for trips based on the cost of gasoline, up to $5.50 a gallon.

The books are currently available at Copy Central and Borders, priced at $4.44.9 (to reflect gasoline pricing). Bonter said Borders has sold the majority of the 50 books he dropped off there a few weeks ago and he has sold nearly 100 at the print shop.

Brown Lumber bought 100 copies to give to building contractors to help them see the cost to their business. He is also talking to Meijer about selling them and is exploring avenues for mass distribution.