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Traverse House Receives Coveted ICCD Accreditation

TRAVERSE CITY – The International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD) recently granted first-time accreditation for Traverse House Clubhouse, a program under the auspices of Northern Lakes Community Mental Health (CMH), where people who have had mental illness come to rebuild their lives.

More than 300 Clubhouses are accredited by ICCD worldwide.

"It is our understanding that we are presently the only Michigan Community Mental Health organization with two accredited programs," says Greg Paffhouse, Northern Lakes chief executive officer. Club Cadillac was accredited in 2009.

Like all Clubhouse programs, Traverse House focuses on people's strengths, not their illness. Members and staff work side by side in decision-making and governance of the program.

Through the activities of a work-ordered day, the goal is that individual members achieve or regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead vocationally productive and socially satisfying lives.

One of the most important steps members take toward greater independence is transitional employment, where they work in the community at real jobs.

Members also receive support in securing safe and affordable housing, advancing their education, and obtaining good health care. Membership is for life, so members have all the time they need to secure their new life in the community.

"Increasing transitional employment was one of the accreditation recommendations and will be a high priority in our continuing quality improvement efforts," says Ruddy.

Want to learn more? Call Signe Ruddy, Traverse House director: 231- 922-2060. BN