Media Goat: Everywhere you go?

TRAVERSE CITY – EverywhereUGO ( is breaking out of the bathroom.

The TC company who positions signage in restrooms around northern Michigan has launched a new division, Media Goat, another in-your-face form of advertising.

This time the medium is an LCD screen that displays advertising in high foot traffic locations. The screen is split four ways: Left and center, a 20-second ad space purchased from Everywhere UGO™. To the right, a three-day Doppler weather forecast. Across the bottom, a live CNN ticker, while a ribbon promoting the host location spans the top.

"These LCD screens offer the client an opportunity to showcase their company, product, offer, service or story through movement, like a TV commercial," says Brenda Welch, digital account manager for Everywhere UG indoor advertising.

"Clients have the flexibility of picking which locations they feel best hits their target audience," she says. "Taxi services, restaurants, wine tours, vineyards or pizza delivery companies are smart to be at our hotel lobby locations. Those screens are seen by every hotel guest and also viewed by hotel staff."

The cost? Media Goat display rates start at $45 monthly, plus production and download fees. Meanwhile, locations hosting Media Goat get to push-out their own message across the same screen.

Currently, Media Goat can be seen at Leland Harbor, Holiday Inn West Bay, Cambria Suites, Centre Ice, Old Town Playhouse, City Opera House, Crossroads Title and Cherry Tree Inn and Suites. Future locations include the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce and Mount Holiday.

"We're in a new century with social media, smart phones and Internet. Viewers are moving, busy and mobile. We are keeping up with the evolving client," says Welch. BN