Paper Clips: Publisher’s note

When the TCBN published its first issue, OJ Simpson was fleeing in his white Bronco, Forrest Gump ruled the movie screens, and the price of a gallon of gas was $1.09. Wow.

This issue marks the beginning of our fifteenth year serving the Grand Traverse area.

In our pages, you've read about:

– how Frank Noverr made NPI

Wireless a household name in the


– David Johnson in 1995, discussing

his idea of a place called Bay Harbor

south of Petoskey

– the protracted controversy and

eventual development of Grand

Traverse Crossings

– Ray Pleva securing a patent for his

91% lean cherry and ground beef

"Plevalean" product

And more recently, we've changed the paper's name, covered the area's first vodka producer, mailed our paper to all subscribers of Crain's Detroit Business, and established our NewsFlash and Ticker emails. And, we've become the source for breaking news in the region – more than 70 stories were broken here first.

It's not a stretch to say that the next two years will bring more change and expansion at the TCBN than the past fifteen. While many papers are experiencing devastating declines, we're blazing ahead with more news, innovation on the web, first-ever events (polo was just the beginning!) and more.

I would like to thank Michael Dow, who had the vision to launch what was then the Grand Traverse Business News, and John Tarrant, who later assumed ownership. And, a special thank you to Gayle Neu, who was there at the launch in 1994, and has been the one and only editor since '96, through all those papers and deadlines.

Readers, we're delighted to serve you. Keep making news!

Luke W Haase