Physical therapist opens third center

HARBOR SPRINGS – It is inspiring when a compassion for helping others results in phenomenal growth for an organization. This is the case with Tim Bondy Physical Therapy. With two successful centers already in operation, Tim Bondy Physical Therapy has opened a third facility in Harbor Springs.

The 5,600 square-foot structure, opened July 23, is the first outpatient rehabilitation center in town and has been designed for the needs of this active community.

In addition to physical and occupational therapy and sports medicine services, they also provide medical exercise training, which is geared toward individuals who have medical concerns or need special considerations.

Damon Whitfield, MPT, ATC is managing the new facility. A resident of Harbor Springs, he’s implementing a number of unique programs to benefit the community.

The center features a large multi-purpose room, men’s and women’s lockers, showers, and a cardiovascular room with cable hookup. Plans are also in place for aquatic therapy and community outreach programs for overweight children, families and senior citizens.

At the helm of Tim Bondy Physical Therapy is of course, Tim Bondy. Bondy’s mother suffered a stroke when he was five years old, giving him the compassion and drive to help those with physical limitations.

In 1976, Bondy graduated from the physical therapy program at Wayne State University in Detroit and took his first job at the Rehabilitation Institute of Detroit where he had the opportunity to work with a vast array of patients and hone his skills in many areas of physical therapy.

In 1979, Bondy moved to Petoskey, a region that only had two physical therapists at the time. After six years with Northern Michigan Hospital and providing in-home physical therapy on a contract basis with the health department, Bondy launched the first private practice north of Traverse City.

In 1999, with the dissolution of the Burns Clinic Medical Center, Bondy was able to move his practice into two private settings in Petoskey and Harbor Springs. His practice also expanded to the Upper Peninsula to service the Mackinac Straits Hospital and Health Center from 1999 to 2003. During this time, Bondy accomplished the expansion and development of the hospital’s rehabilitation services.

Bondy built the foundation of his practice on homecare. He has established a system and network of providing rehabilitation in the home through six Northern Michigan counties. This facet of Bondy’s business is Home Rehabilitation Specialists, a company that he owns along with his two longtime associates Thom Myers, CPTA and Christine O’Donnell, PT.

“Providing rehab in the home creates a special opportunity for a therapist to go into an individual’s environment and see what really happens on a day to day basis,” Bondy said. “Significant progress can be made when the program matches the needs of a patient and their families and caregivers so that maximum function can be gained. A therapist who travels the roads into various communities learns the essence of how important it is to keep people in their homes and give them the ability to care for themselves so that future injury or long term placement can be avoided if possible.”

With his immense experience in the field of physical therapy, Bondy developed a number of successful programs through the years and also maintains a number of affiliations with medical professionals in the region in order to better serve the community.

During its 19 years of existence, Tim Bondy Physical Therapy has employed well over 100 different people and currently employs 32. The staff includes physical and occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, certified worker’s compensation specialists, certified massage therapists, certified fitness therapists, medical exercise specialists plus administrative staff.

While his business continues successful expansion, Bondy is headed towards retirement. This new chapter in Bondy’s life only means that he will continue to pursue his passion for helping others.

“I would like to raise my new family and hopefully sell my practice to my dedicated staff so that I can continue to consult and watch them continue the development of the company into the future. Reach Tim Bondy Physcial Therapy at 231-487-4638. BN