Second Chance and Simula to join armor forces

CENTRAL LAKE – Two recognized global leaders in personal safety systems have announced a long-term strategic alliance.

Central Lake’s Second Chance Body Armor Inc., the nation’s largest manufacturer of soft, concealable personal body armor, and Simula Inc. (NYSE: SMU), a leading provider of occupant safety systems and devices, intend to combine their respective armor expertise and market knowledge.

Their collaborative efforts will likely include cross-licensing of technologies for various commercial and government markets.

“We believe there are potentially many opportunities on which our firms can collaborate to take full advantage of the unique protection capabilities we each have,” said Ed Bachner Jr., group vice president of technology and corporate development for Second Chance. “We’re confident that our relationship will evolve in scope to include many life-saving products.”

Both companies will pursue joint projects which focus on new soft body armor, transparent armor and ceramic-composite hard armor, according to Steven Zylstra, director of business development at Simula’s R&D and testing subsidiary, Simula Technologies.

“Each of our companies has earned a reputation worldwide for high-quality safety systems in our respective areas, and we are excited about the prospects for merging our capabilities to enhance our respective leadership positions,” Zylstra said. Simula, headquartered in Phoenix, is a diversified technology company that designs and manufactures occupant safety systems and devices engineered to safeguard human life in a wide range of air, ground, and sea transportation vehicles.

The company operates in two principal markets: government and defense contracting and automotive safety systems.

Other technical disciplines include advanced parachutes, personal survival equipment, crash sensors, a large range of protective armor products, inflatable restraints, and advanced transparent polymer materials.

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Second Chance was founded by Richard Davis. The company manufactures a range of anti-ballistic and anti-puncture personal protection systems for law enforcement, tactical, corrections, and special duty applications.

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