TCBN delivering more to you in 2008

We continue to be energized by the superb feedback we're getting from readers…and the tangible results our advertisers are getting as well. So, we're expanding.

Next year you'll see us hosting a few major events, including a winter luncheon for you and your children together and a fall 2008 political debate. You'll also see us making some adjustments to our pricing…effective in January, some of our print publication ad rates will be dropping, while our annual subscription rate will rise to $45 per year to offset increased paper and postage costs. With your subscription you will receive twelve issues of the paper, NewsFlash emails with breaking news (make sure we have your email address!) and…something new we're delighted to announce here!

Beginning in January, each Monday morning you'll open your email to scan this new, interactive weekly "must read." The Ticker will contain one breaking news story, and four areas where you can interact:

1) A calendar of the week's

upcoming events.

If your business has a seminar, grand opening, or some other event, email a note to and your event will be listed.

2) An opportunity to advertise your company via a banner ad.

For $50, you can promote your business or product to some 4,000 professionals via The Ticker.

3) A question of the week.

Each Ticker will pose a question to readers based on current local events; we'll publish the results of the prior week's poll and a new one in each Ticker.

4) An innovative, new classifieds section called "The List,"

where you can advertise for a new employee, sell office furniture or other business-related goods and services for $10 (again, where else can you reach 4,000 local decision-makers for ten bucks?!)

Watch for details in future weeks or email

You can probably tell we're excited about The Ticker and 2008 in general. Our recent reader survey said you love the paper and our NewsFlash emails, and you'd like to see us move toward more email and web-based news, as well as events where the community can get together…so we're responding.

Enjoy this issue of the paper, full again of articles and advertisers of local interest, stay tuned for more, and feel free to contact Editor Gayle Neu with news ideas and tips at or John Watkins for advertising opportunities at