The Jordan River Store: A divine twist on retail

TRAVERSE CITY – “We feel that all of our products must reflect the excellence, care, quality, and value that today’s buyers want and deserve.” Nancy Damoose, president and owner of The Jordan River Store, which opened recently in downtown Traverse City, speaks words every consumer wants to hear and believe.

And she is sincere. Customer service with a capital “C” is the basic premise for The Jordan River Store.

And why not? According to Damoose, “People deserve nothing less–that goes right to the core of our philosophy and beliefs.” Serving coffee and fresh muffins to customers may seem like an expense that will be short-lived. Not so, says Damoose. It’s not viewed as a cost, but as a “whole-hearted commitment to the customer.”

Damoose and her husband, John, planned thoughtfully, thoroughly and wisely when they prepared a business plan more than two years ago. Gearing their business strategy to this initial store (long-range plans include stores nationwide and on-line sales) required few adjustments to the original plan. Tweaking was necessary only to add variety while making sure everything fit together and “complemented the branding strategy.”

Combine career backgrounds in interior design and marketing with strong Christian leadership values and you’ve got a blend that benefits everyone. The store serves up everything from high-end leather furniture to candy.

“We looked for products we thought would serve to enhance our customers’ homes and enrich their families’ lives,” said Damoose. The criterion used in the selection process was rigid. Every item had to be the best on the market and meet Nancy’s standard in four areas: design, material, workmanship and value.

As an expression of their faith and to establish distinct brands in the marketplace, they selected Biblical names for the store and its departments.

Items focusing on family celebrations can be found in the “Shiloh” area. “In The Beginning” emphasizes nature with a focus on children. The Bethlehem Manor, or “cottage furniture” line, has, but is not limited to, an “up North” feel that focuses on young families and families with second homes. Representing a blessing, the “Benediction” department allows customers to “indulge themselves in a few of life’s luxuries,” according to Damoose.

The store is located at 118 Cass St. in the space formerly home to Firehouse Fair. BIZNEWS