Top Sellers: These realtors moved more real estate than anyone in the five-county region in 2019

Big questions await northern Michigan’s biggest real estate sellers in 2020 and beyond. Has the decade-long sales boom ended? Will the region be protected, inside an economic bubble? Nobody knows, but what is established is that these realtors had record-breaking numbers in 2019. Certainly some familiar names are at the very top again this year, but this top 25 list also includes some new faces that closed some major transactions last year.

Editor’s note: This is the fifth year the TCBN has published this ranking. For the first four years we utilized BrokerMetrics data; this year we publish the official MLS data provided by realtors to their regional association. Also note this year we are not differentiating real estate “teams” from individual sellers — just publishing the data as it was provided. As always, we do not change nor manipulate the data in any way. Sales are residential only, and only for real estate sales in Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Benzie, Kalkaska and Antrim counties. To clarify the source of the material published this feature, we did not receive any MLS database access nor any information from TAAR or NGLRMLS for our realtor rankings. No future article will access the MLS database from TAAR or NGLRMLS without their written consent.

1 DON FEDRIGON, Re/Max of Elk Rapids, $54.57m

2 BRICK & CORBETT, Re/Max Bayshore, $48.96m

3 MARK HAGAN, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $47.96m

4 KIMBERLY BORK, Venture Properties, $39.24m

5 MATTHEW DAKOSKE, Re/Max Bayshore, $32.97m

6 LINDA SCHAUB, Real Estate One, $31.12m

7 JON ZICKERT, Real Estate One, $29.63

8 SHAWN SCHMIDT SMITH & CARLY SMITH, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $27.7m

9 BOB & TIA RIECK, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $27.13m

10  THE MITTEN GROUP, Key Realty One, $26.2m

11 TIM SCHAUB, Schaub Team Premier, $26.17m

12 RANAE IHME, LVR Realty, $23.66m


14 MARSHA MINERVINI, Re/Max Bayshore, $22.38m

15 PAM DEPUY, The Martin Company, $22m

16 KATHY WITTBRODT, Wittbrodt Waterside, $21.57m

17 CAMILLE CAMPBELL, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $21.35m

18 VICTORIA & JONATHAN OLTERSDORF, Oltersdorf Realty, $21.32m

19 DEBRA HALL, Real Estate One, $20.74m

20 JULES YATES, Re/Max Bayshore, $19m

21 MIKE & BEN STREET, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $18.39m

22 ANN PORTER, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $18m

23 CORLISS BEUERLE, Century 21 Northland, $17.87m

24 MOLLY BUTTLEMAN, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $17.53m

25 REICHARD & HACK, EXIT Realty Paramount, $16.72m



1 – BRICK & CORBETT, Re/Max Bayshore, $39.54m
2 – MARK HAGAN, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $33.78m
3 – MATTHEW DAKOSKE, Re/Max Bayshore, $27.38m
4 – LINDA SCHAUB, Real Estate One, $25.82m
5 – SHAWN SCHMIDT SMITH & CARLY SMITH, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $23.69m



1 – KIMBERLY BORK, Venture Properties, $28.92m
2 – TIM SCHAUB, Schaub Team Premier, $25.06m
3 – RANAE IHME, LVR Realty, $23.17m
4 – PAM DEPUY, The Martin Company, $22m
5 – VICTORIA & JONATHAN OLTERSDORF, Oltersdorf Realty, $17.26m



1 – DON FEDRIGON, Re/Max of Elk Rapids, $38.77m
2 – KATHY WITTBRODT, Wittbrodt Waterside, $18.88m
3 – GARY SCHEITLER, Paradise Properties, $11.69m
4 – JULIA PIETROWICZ, Keller Williams, $10.42m
5 – WALT MANN, Real Estate One, $8.75m



1 – JON ZICKERT, Real Estate One, $18.34m
2 – CHRISTINE STAPLETON, Stapleton Realty, $11.98m
3 – SUZANNE VOLTZ, Real Estate One, $11.77m
4 – KATHLEEN NEVEU, Real Estate One, $8.67m
5 – JAY WHITE, D3 Realty, $7.98m



1 – SANDRA GUNNING, Re/Max Bayshore, $5.32m
2 – CHAD ANDERSON, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $2.94m
3 – SUSAN VOWELS, Key Realty One, $2.73m
4 – SEAN RILEY, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $2.48m
5 – JEFFREY FITCH, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, $2.38m



1 Don Fedrigon

2 Mark Hagan

3 Matt Dakoske

4 (Non-Member)

5 Brick & Corbett



1 Mark Hagan

2 Don Fedrigon

3 Linda Schaub

4 Perry Pentiuk

5 Ann Marie Mitchell