Tuning Out The Ruling Class in 2013

2012 tired me out! Never before has my mind been so taxed, particularly during the second half of the year with elections, right-to-work laws, and gun control debates. Seems like everybody had something to say, and weren't afraid to raise their voice or go ALL CAPS to get their point across. I was left dizzy by hypocrisy, stunned by ignorance, and dazzled by the number of smart people who want to control many aspects of my life, all in the name of what they like to call "the common good." Geez, if it's for the common good, who could argue with that?

I feel outnumbered by organized groups of busybody rule-makers who want to ban anything from coal to soda pop, micromanage everything from banks to hospitals, and, literally, control the planet! I now consider myself a witness to history. I'll be alive, God-willing, to watch the transformation of the United States from a world super power into runner-up status. I can watch as our economy is driven less by the choices of free consumers, and more controlled by government mandates and incentives. The current leadership in Washington seems desperate to use the levers and buttons of government to forcefully create and control a different, what some may call a "smarter," America.

The trend toward a big-controlling government isn't new; it's more like something you'd find in the vintage section of an antique store: send more money to Washington DC, so politicians can create more programs, commissions, committees, and offices. We've been there and done that. But, it's a new idea for many younger Americans, and it seems a lot of older voters believe Big Government is our saving grace, as long as it's run by the right people. However, I'm a free-market guy.

I believe Americans are tough, innovative, fair, and generous. I believe in equal opportunity, but not controlled outcomes. I believe the federal government has proven to be ineffective and irresponsible in addressing issues or solving problems, although it does excel at creating crisis and overspending. I believe there is a power greater than you and I, and there are circumstances beyond our control, and even that of the federal government. I believe we make better decisions than the federal government when it comes to spending our money. I do believe in taxes to fulfill the role of the federal government as laid out in the Constitution. I do not believe the credit crisis of 2008 (The Great Recession) was caused by lack of federal government regulators, but by busybody government intervention into the housing and lending marketplace. A healthy and prosperous country is made up of millions of healthy, responsible, and happy communities, consisting of thousands of happy, healthy and responsible families, which are made up of healthy, responsible individuals. It's bottom up, not top down.

With that, I look forward to a 2013, where I make more time for myself, my family and community, and less time following the rule-making class. I shall drown out the political noise with beautiful music: innovative rock, classic American jazz and folk, world beat and classical excellence. Instead of a mundane drive to work, I will pretend it's the first time I've ever driven; I'll pause to treasure the serenity of the woods, the divine beauty of the bay, and marvel at the innovation that's occurred in the U.S: indoor plumbing and hot water at the touch of a faucet, jet airplanes, the Internet in the palm of your hand, electric lights and indoor heat, etc. I will savor fresh fruit in the summertime and hot coffee on cold mornings. I'll spend more quality time with family and friends, and soak up every second with the little ones in our lives. I will cheer for the entrepreneurs, workers, and wealth creators. I will recognize and appreciate every moment of freedom. It's an amazing country, let's hope the busybodies don't mess it up!