Village Press launches new magazine

TRAVERSE CITY – Village Press, Inc. of Traverse City is launching its 10th magazine: The 45th: wine, food, and leisure in Northern Michigan.

"Our target audience is the passionate 'foodies' who have an affinity for northern Michigan and are 'within a day's drive of 45,'" said Village Press President Dave Moore.

Village Press is one of Michigan's largest magazine publishing organizations, producing more than 40 (several award-winning) magazines. It handles all phases of publishing and production, from writing, editing, photography and graphic design, to printing, binding, subscription marketing and mailing.

"When we launch a magazine, we look for an unfilled niche in the market and fill it. Our staff is one of the most experienced at this in the business," Moore said.

The first issue will come out May 2009. The company is currently developing editorial and doing direct mail modeling and testing. After collecting the names of people they thought would be enthusiastic about The 45th, Village Press used computer programs to 'model' the target demographic.

"The object of our magazine is to bring people to this area and ask them to do something – visit this winery, try our restaurants, and enjoy for a few days what we enjoy year around. And, if they can't visit in the immediate future, give them a high quality keepsake to hold onto until they make the trip."

When asked how The 45th would differ from Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine, a monthly publication now in its 27th year, and other lifestyle magazines, Moore said: "That is one of the big questions. Many consumer magazines tell their readers about an experience, and certainly help them imagine 'being there.' As an enthusiast publisher, we're going to help them 'do' the experience."

Editor will be Jason Smith, son of Village Press Publications Director Steve Smith.

Anyone interested in getting a copy of the premier issue of The 45th can call 800-447-7367 or visit