Wanted: Your news

When I’m out taking pictures or running errands, I try to take different routes around the area so I can scope out all the new businesses springing up–seemingly overnight.

This rubbernecking doesn’t thrill drivers behind me, nor does using my steering wheel as a writing pad. But it’s a hard habit to break when there’s a new sign going up just about every week!

To help keep me out of the ditch, I’m asking all of you to keep me posted on your happenings. Whether you’re a new business owner, have sold your company, moved or expanded, have a new staff member, won an award or just released a new product line, we want to hear about it.

If you fear your news is too insignificant, send it anyway! Chances are we’ll mention it in our “What’s News” section, and you never know when your information might trigger a future article idea.

I’ve been getting quite a few calls lately about whether we charge for our “What’s News” and “People” sections. We don’t. These are simply services for our readers.

If you would like to submit a story idea or article, please draw up a brief outline and send it over for consideration.

I would encourage all of you with e-mail to send your press releases and story ideas to biznews@traverse.com. You don’t have to mess around with sending an attachment; just cut and paste your news into the window and send away. This will eliminate problems we sometimes have trying to open documents written in other software programs. If you would like to submit a photo for the People section, please send it scanned at 300 dpi and at least 1.5 inches, preferably in JPEG or TIFF format.

We would like more of you to send us your “dot-com” addresses for our FREE monthly listing of business-related Web sites. This month, we have a paltry four. Disappointing, knowing how many e-commerce sites are out there. We realize it feels odd getting something for free. But, again, we’re here to serve you and inform other business owners.

Another source of many calls is our monthly deadline. Just a reminder: the exact deadlines are always printed on this page in the masthead. But if–God forbid–you should lose your copy of The Business News, just send me your information by the 15th.

I’m really excited about this issue. My husband pointed out that I say that every month, but then I end up falling in love with the next one and the next one. I take that as a sign of our continued growth, and, fortunately, we’re not the only ones noticing. Someone commented the other day: “I can’t put my finger on what’s different…but you guys just keep getting better and better.” And many more have said, “I read this paper cover to cover.” Such comments drive us to work even harder the next month to deliver a smart, well-dressed package chock-full of relevant business information.

This month, we dug up some timely communication issues you’re going to want to read (pages 11-19). Among them, how to prevent employees from abusing company e-mail; how Traverse City’s ISPhone has become a world leader in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the emergence of converged networks and why a state bill is causing major static among those in the telecommunications industry .

These were not easy stories–they were about as complex as they get. But once again our tireless freelancers delivered the goods with only a few minor scratches.

On a personal note, we would like to congratulate Deborah Wyatt Fellows on the 20th anniversary of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine. What an accomplishment, starting a magazine at age 23 and keeping it alive and well all these years. We’ve always looked up to her magazine–the articles, art work and advertisements put the publication in a class of its own. The magazine staffers are top-notch people, too, and we enjoy talking with many of them.

Until next month, something to chew on:

“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you.” –William Arthur Ward, American newspaper editor, writer.