Your Home as a Tool for Your Business/Career

Can you say your business or your career has been enhanced or improved by investing in further education? Never stop learning, right? When we travel, attend an incredible performance or enjoy a meal with loved ones, our paradigms can be challenged, our set points or vision can be expanded or we can find inspiration for where our heart has been calling us.

Likewise, our home can be leveraged to aid our lives well beyond our need for shelter if we only adjust our thinking and look at getting more from where we go each night.

Investing some time and thought into your life and where it is you are living can be crucial in your desire for a better life, a more fulfilling career or building your business. Your home environment should be able to help you:

– Build you up in mind, body and spirit.

– Relax and allow you to re-focus on your choices, your thoughts, your options.

– Create a respite and a place of healing, growth, repair and rejuvenation.

– Conjure and design the next chapter of your life, your next business or your exit strategy.

– Develop new challenges and work on them.

– Create new relationships or deepen your current relationships.

There are many ways designers can help lead our clients to a home that works like a fine-tuned instrument for improving their lives. Let's focus on just three new thoughts or strategies (of many) to get us started:


A new way to think of "getting organized" is to let go of how unorganized we are and instead focus on one spot, one space or one room and look for a way to organize just that area. Why? Organization honors and elevates what we do or what we are working on. It saves us time, reduces frustration and creates an environment for execution rather than confusion.

A Place to Be Messy! (see photo)

Creating a space to be messy IS an organizing principle. Having a lot of "stuff" around you – inspiring piles of projects, materials, articles, books and associated touch points – all foster creativity and turn down the ever-present "editor voice."

Create the Priority Space

So, what is it? This new hobby, new interest, new discomfort with the status quo? What is missing? What haven't you had? Space for a chair, or bookshelves near that chair? A place for your laptop, wall space for dreaming and placing crazy ideas? A work bench or work shop and an "I don't care" floor? Think about your commitment to putting down tent stakes and declare, "This is the space and where I will do this…"

Certainly, we all can get the space repainted a better color or buy a task lamp and plug it in. Committing to ourselves and our needs can soon translate to getting an electrician to install the correct power requirements or better lighting. In other words: hiring a professional, not tearing down the house and starting over; doing this one thing that will make the difference. The one thing that will help you change your life.

It's true that most of us like cool design ideas and warm inviting home environments. More importantly, I feel our homes can be so much more than what we expect from our four walls and roof. Perhaps if we change our thinking, we can use our home environment to launch us into the life we are seeking.

Lankford Design Group was founded in 1998 by Scott Lankford, specializing in problem solving, creating a vision, working with and supporting the architect and the builder. Over the years, LDG has expanded to designing complex and challenging remodels and whole home interiors.